About Orange Seaweed

orangeseaweedlogoWhich area confuses you in terms of your Social Media Strategy?

Are you a small business who doesn’t know where to start with your Social Media strategy? Or do you have ideas or a vision for what you want to achieve and how you want to promote yourself but you don’t have the skill set?

Orange Seaweed offers a flexible tailored service to what your requirements are. We are happy to devise and implement your entire social media strategy, or we are happy to work with you on existing ideas and walk you through where to take these ideas and how to increase your brands profile.

Each individual requirement is entirely different and we are there to fit to what our needs are and let your company or brand embark on a fascinating digital journey.

Brands we have worked with….



Jam Industries is a city surf brand, set up by two brothers longing to get out of town and into our wetsuits. Their theory was that they understand that not everybody can live on the beach, but almost everybody wants to. Their aim is to provide a lifestyle clothing brand inspiring people to get out of the city and get wet at the coast. They provide training ideas, restaurants, places to stay, music to listen to and the clothes to wear when you get there. They believe surfing is not just a sport, it’s a culture, and one which doesn’t have to be left behind when you leave the beach.

They have a great brand which is ripe for social media marketing and working with Jam Industries is a pleasure.






From small beginnings Ombak has evolved to where it is today. Ombak was born out of the owner spending time in Indonesia.

Ombak furniture is a fair price and potential customers are encouraged to think about what goes into making the stunning piece of furniture you see in the UK!

An Ombak product is a whole lot more than just a piece of furniture. The piece itself is handmade, beautiful furniture, manufactured from a premium hardwood. The philosophy and the ethos behind any piece of Ombak furniture is as amazing as the furniture itself- the reclaimed wood, the ethics, the origins.

Ombak was born through a passion to share the beauty, culture and ethos of Indonesia. The founder, James, spent extensive time in Indonesia. He fell in love with everything about the country; the people, the culture, the landscape. How could he combine his passion for such a vibrant and exciting place with the desire to give something back that celebrates the uniqueness and personality that Indonesia so perfectly portrays? The answer is Ombak Furniture.

Ombak have worked with Orange Seaweed on their social media strategy and continue to do so. The community that Ombak has built around itself on social media is pivotal to the company’s success and the story is ever evolving which makes it a fascinating brand to work with.





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