Twitter – Are You Making the Most of It?

There are a number of steps you can take to improve how you are using Twitter. Even if you don’t do all of these, at least addressing a few of these tips will improve your overall Twitter strategy.


Bio and Photos

Ok, so this may seem basic, but you’d be amazed how many people or businesses have an out of date bio.

Make sure your picture (or logo) is up to date, clear and if it’s a picture of you, that you are smiling !

For your bio, make sure your website address is correct. Tell people about your qualifications and experience and also include a few fun bits of trivia about yourself.

There are lots of free sites out there and free tips about writing your Twitter bio if you feel you really can’t get it right!


Twitter Lists

It seems that many people end up aimlessly looking at their timeline which is a mass of clustered Tweets, and very easy to loose track of.

If you create Twitter lists of specific categories of people you follow it is then so much easier to read and engage in what is relevant to you.


Mix Up Your Tweets Roughly into Thirds

You need to break down your type of Tweets into thirds:

Try not to over promote yourself or your brand. People get very tired of that very quickly.

Split them into:

  1. Retweeting or mentioning others
  2. Self promotional about yourself or your brand
  3. Everything else which includes personal anecdotes and anything else you find interesting and relevant to yourself or your brand.



Don’t Excessively Use Capitals

Tempting though it may be, you really don’t ever need to use all caps in your Tweets.

Occasionally emphasise something you have written by putting the odd relevant word in caps, but as a rule of thumb only use them when you are trying to draw attention to a particular word or two.



Engagement Engagement Engagement

There is no point in using Twitter without responding and ENGAGING …..

By this I mean:

  • Thanking new followers
  • Mentioning other users
  • Quoting others
  • Thanking others who mention or quote you
  • Having a conversation with your followers if it’s appropriate


Happy Tweeting!




Small Businesses – Don’t Skip Social Media!

A few #Thursdaythoughts from Orange Seaweed

If you are a small business there are a few key reasons why you need to act now and position your business in the digital space.

1 Your Competitors Are On Social Media

You can’t hold out forever. You can kid yourself that your competitors aren’t on social media, but the reality is probably that they are! Don’t be the last business in your sector to participate.


2 Sales

Ultimately your goal is sales. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand they know and nearly 50% of customers check out a brand or product on social media before they buy. If you’re not there, you are missing out on that selling opportunity.


3 Reach

Marketing has always been about reach. Traditional marketing methods used to manage to achieve reach. However these days this is just not enough.

Your aim is to create a community around your brand via the most appropriate social networks. You don’t necessarily need to be on all of them to start with. Choose the most appropriate for your customer demographic and do these well to begin with.


Create the community and engage with your customers and the rest should follow….!!!