Things Not To Do On Social Media For 2017

To finish 2016 here are a few thoughts on what not to do on your social media accounts. There is nothing more frustrating than annoying your customers by overstating yourself or your business.


Here is a rough guide:

Too much self promotion

Constantly telling people about yourself, doing the hard sell or singing your own praises is a sure way to put customers off. People use social media to discover products and services. Make sure any self promotion is wrapped up in providing valuable content to the customer too.

Automated messaging does not go down well

Customers engage with you on social media as they want to feel there is a relationship and connect with you. Automated responses go against this and are far too impersonal.

Buying likes or followers

Tempting as it may seem, buying likes or followers is always going to backfire! Most of these will no doubt be spam accounts and the followers you end up with via this method will not have a care in the world what your business is about or what your message is! Quality over quantity any day….

Too many hashtags

Keep it simple and don’t overuse the hashtags. Don’t use more than 2 on Facebook. On Instagram keep them consistent and use a few extras that are specific and topical each time. Try to use them on Twitter to categorise and be current.

Respond to requests from your audience

Responding promptly to messages on your social media is what the customer wants and expects. Customers tend to leave you and move on if they feel they aren’t getting the response they expect.

Check the facts before you just post…

People don’t like lies or misinformation. It may only take a few extra minutes to check whether something is factually correct, but this may save a lot of undoing if it’s wrong. If you are sharing something also just have a quick verification to yourself that it’s not complete nonsense.

Don’t post all the time

Lastly….. If you fill your feed with nonsense all the time just for the sake of posting your audience will tune out. Have a strategy of how often you will post on each platform (we have a guide in a previous blog) and try to be consistent and newsworthy.