Hashtags #…. Expand Your Influence

One of the most effective and easiest things to use on social media are hashtags.

Using relevant hashtags enables people searching for those keywords to find the content they are looking for and ultimately find you too.

Look For Trending Hashtags In Your Industry


Anything that is trending in your industry is important to you and also your customers. Use the tool Hashtagify.me to look at the top 10 hashtags related to a keyword. This is a simple and effective way to work out what is trending and will give you ideas for influential and current hashtags related to your subject.

See What Influencers In Your Industry Are Using

In your particular niche there will be what we call ‘influencers’. They will be using hashtags that are popular and then people then use to search with.


You can use Twitonomy which will provide you with a list of the top ten hashtags that someone on Twitter is using. Use these with your tweets to stay relevant.

Look Across Platforms For Relevant Hashtags

There is a tool called Tagboard which aggregates conversations happening across the web on networks including Google+, Instagram and Facebook. If you search for hashtags it is an effective too to keep you up to date with what is relevant in your particular industry or niche.


Keeping up to date with hashtags is all about being up to date with what is trending in your area and being part of that. This is vital to keep your message alive and current.

Look At Twitter’s Trends

Keep an eye on what topics are trending on your Twitter feed. It is a simplified overview of what is trending in terms of your location, but nonetheless a useful tool to keep current with. You can also change your location is you want to.


Hastags.org has some great free information on it’s site as well as more specific paid options. Always worth a look at this to see what is trending and newsworthy.

More Specific Hashtags

Do some investigation and see more specific hashtags people in your industry or niche are using. Using Tweet Binder you can type in a hashtag you are using and you will then receive a list of hashtags that are related to your query.


Be Yourself and Be Creative

Lastly, use your instinct. You are the best person to know what hashtags suit your brand and are best to get across the tone of your message. Go with your conviction and use these, in conjunction with the suggestions above!!




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