Are You Blogging? If Not, Why Not?


Is your business blogging? Do you regard blogging as an inconvenience in terms of your time allocation? Do you think blogging isn’t relevant to your business?

These are a few of the questions you need to think about…

Blogging is Key to Establishing Your Business as a Thought Leader and Expert in their Field.

Blogging shouldn’t be about hard selling, it should be about sharing knowledge and expertise and having a conversation.

You can also use blogging to display your industry knowledge.

Blogging breaks down traditional barriers between customers and businesses and also provides those visiting your site with up to date and accurate information.

Keyword rich blog posts will ultimately increase traffic, and increase the trust your customers have in you.

Blogging Facts

Companies who blog generate 67%* more leads per moth than companies who don’t blog!!!

The quality of the content you blog is important as this creates a higher chance of you showing up in searches.

Quality content increases trust in your site and in the end will result in more visitors, and links which ultimately means you will show up in searches.

Social Media with Blogging

Keep At It

Don’t expect instant results.

It will take time to filter through and blogs may produce traffic over time as topics you have written about may be current or trending.

Keep consistent with your company theme and you will experience an increase in customer trust.

Good luck and happy blogging!!!


*(according to Katrina Padron from Social Media Analyst)



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