A Social Media Plan

There are some fundamental things to get right before you launch into an ad hoc social media campaign for your business.

Here is a brief guide. If you would like more company specific information that is relevant to you, or you need me to fill in the gaps, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My advice would be to set up a detailed plan to get you going in the right direction.


Firstly Which Social Network?

Where are your customers in terms of social networks? Start with the networks they are on and do those properly, rather than expanding into too many networks with a half hearted attempt.


Obviously the number of networks you are on is also determined by various other factors including:

How much time you have as an organisation to devote to social media?

How much money you have to invest in your social media strategy?

Secondly Fill in Everything and Use Good Graphics

The profiles on the social media networks you are using are important so fill them in wisely. Make sure you use the key words which are relevant to your business and the business sector you are in.

Be concise, original and human!


Try to make it feel fresh and avoid buzzwords.

Keep updating it.

Thirdly Use a Tone and Language That Suits Your Brand

Try to come up with some key words which sum up the culture of your business and the way you would like to interact with your customers.


Keep consistent with your type of language and tone so that your customers feel like they know the ‘personality’ of your business.

Use graphics graphics graphics!!!!



Fourthly Decide When to Post

You need to decide for each social media platform how often you are going to post and when you are going to post.

There are many guidelines out there and there are a few slightly different schools of thought on this but roughly these are the main numbers.

Facebook – post between 5 and 10 times a week

Twitter – post around 5 times a day

LinkedIn – post roughly once a day

Google+ – up to 5 times a day

Pinterest – post around 5 times a day


Obviously these will vary with your type of business.

Also the timing and the days need to be thought through.

Facebook 2-5pm weekdays and weekends

Twitter 1-3pm weekdays

LinkedIn early in the morning or early evening weekdays

Google+ mornings from around 9-11am weekdays

Pinterest afternoons, later in the evening and weekends

Lastly Analyse What Works and What Doesn’t and Don’t Be Afraid to Change It!


Most social media platforms have a basic analysis built in. Use this and see what is working the most.

Test the response that different types of posts get. Readjust your posts accordingly and keep experimenting and trying something new as well as keeping to the basics that get your best response.

Good luck and contact us for many more details on all the information above.


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