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Sharing Content Across Different Networks

Tailor Content to Fit Your Networks of Choice

It’s all too tempting to post the same content across all the different social networks as this will save you time in the short run. However, this is not the best use of your content and won’t yield the best results.

Try to take the time to tailor this content so that it specifically fits to the networks of your choice. Also vary the number of images and the amount of text to fit your particular network. Obviously a Twitter message can only have 140 characters and Facebook messages can include more substance. Change the style, length and number of images to adapt to your platform. This only takes a bit of tweaking and will mean that your posts are way more valuable.



Keep to a Schedule and Don’t Post in Bursts

If you have a social media schedule this helps you avoid posting too many updates at once and minimising the effect of these posts.


Also if customers feel you have a schedule and know when you may post, they may even start to check for your content on a regular basis.


Remember the Social Media Rule of THIRDS!!!

Only one third of your content should be about promotions, trying to convert readers and to generate profit.


The other two thirds should be:

Sharing ideas and relevant industry stories from thought leaders and businesses of the same mindset.

Sharing personal content and interacting with your audience.


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