Visuals Visuals Visuals are Essential for Your Strategy!!!


I love this visual from Larry Kim. It really does sum it up. Just remember to always post your social media with a visual or image. Customers are also becoming increasingly keen on short videos as well and respond far better to them. Don’t get left behind using boring old text. Get creative and improve your visuals today!

Talking of visuals…. We love our logo!!



Some Don’ts and Do’s for Your Social Media Strategy

People often ask me about where do they start with social media for their business. I guess it’s probably better to get the bad stuff out of the way and start with what you shouldn’t do….

Don’ts for Social Media

Don’t run before you can walk and try to be on every platform. Rather do a handful of platforms well as opposed to not doing any properly.

Don’t overuse #hashtags! Use them appropriately, sparingly and only use those relevant to your brand or business.

Don’t overdo your sales pitches. Your posts should be a variety of different types of content.

Don’t post when you are in a bad mood! It comes across. And equally don’t post when it’s late at night and you may say something you regret.

Don’t get political or opinionated on your business page.

tickandcrossNow to the nice bit…

Do’s for Social Media

Do take a bit of time to research your target audience, why they might follow you and what platforms they prefer and use.

Do make sure you complete all the profile information you can for each platform.

Do respond in a timely manner to questions and comments.

Do make sure your posts include images and graphics, users love these and respond better to them.

Do be consistent in terms of how often you post. Also be consistent in terms of staying true to your brand and what it stands for.

Do share interesting content from other sources.

Lastly…. Do stick at it!!! It may take a while for results to filter through……


Branding and the New Instagram Logo

Do you like it or not?? There has been some serious resistance to the new Instagram logo! I have to say I liked the old one better but soon we will barely remember it…. Changing your branding can be a risky business, but I suspect we will still use Instagram just as much whether it has a new logo or not!!instagramlogo